Four Freedoms Project


I am so proud to have been accepted to the Four Freedoms project from Still Point Arts. The project is a reinterpretation of Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms paintings.

I am stunned to learn that my painting For Sale made the cover, as the publication contains the work of over 50 talented artists and writers from all over the US, as well as from Canada, Israel, Australia, and Hong Kong. The issue features photography, paintings, collages, fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction that present a stark picture of where the United States stands on issues of freedom at this time in our history—the year 2018, almost 250 years after our country’s founding. Thank you to Still Point Arts for this profound work.

Concrete and Feathers


I’m lucky to live in a city with abundant natural resources. Threaded with water reflecting green places and jutting mountains, Seattle has no shortage of wildlife living within reach of traffic jams and towers of steel and glass.

I was driving over one of the floating bridges and found inspiration from a blue heron wading for lunch. Nature is astonishingly resilient and adaptive.

This new series serves to remind us of the fragile beauty in the most unlikely of places and our responsibility to respect and preserve.

Painting With Rain


Acrylic with rainwater wash and gold leaf on 1.5″ wood panel 36 x 12

We in the northwest corner of the United States live with a lot of rain and this winter has seemed exceptionally wet. I’ve been very influenced by the Pacific Northwest climate and I’ve been painting rainy scenes since I moved here years ago. I grew up in the desert climate of New Mexico so the showers here are pretty astonishing to me, even still.

In my search to find new ways to be inspired in those long expanses of gray and wet, I was working in the studio on acrylic under painting options. The surface was dry to the touch but not cured and a droplet from the washed brush happened to fall. When I wiped it away the water took the surface with it. This produced a string of expletives at first. But as I stared at the blemish in the expanse of color it occurred to me that I could use all those droplets to my advantage. Instead of just painting a picture of the rain I could paint with the rain, using it as a tool to elevate a piece with subject matter ABOUT rain and all that implies, but also creating an actual impression OF the rain.

I prepared another background and waited for it to dry. As it rested in the studio I stepped outside to find the rain had subsided. If the surface dried too much the rain wouldn’t wash away the paint. This is what I believe people call a “teachable moment”. A realization that sometimes one must surrender to circumstances and hope for the best. Letting go of the control and just being in that moment with the smell of the wet and the pat-pat sound of the dripping trees was truly peaceful and oddly thrilling.

I went to check on the painted board. Dry. I set up a camera under the awning, hauled out the easel and checked the sky. Suddenly, the clouds opened up and it began to pour. I ran for the painting, set it on the easel and let the rain do its thing. I held my breath as I pulled the squeegee. Sculptural shapes of elegance and grace appeared. I nearly cried.

Today the sun is out and there is blue sky. But I have several boards stacked and ready. So I listen to the weather. And for now, I just wait for that glorious rain.

Messengers of the Mind


I’ve been watching hummingbirds lately. I put a feeder outside my studio window in our unseasonably warm Seattle January. They seem to be of another dimension. The acrobatics are, of course, astonishing but the more I watch the more it seems they barely touch the world we perceive. I went to refill the feeder and one of them hovered near me, seemingly trying to work out what I was. This seemed a great metaphor for all the unknowns we face as the world spins us round. With every day that passes I become more aware and interested in time so that has become a theme in my current work. Birds are a great vehicle on which to hang these impressions. They’re fleeting and delicate and as beautiful as they are ubiquitous. Also, they’re dinosaurs. And they can fly. So as subject matter, you cannot do better.

Goldfinches and Bricklayers


I’ve been working up a large painting in the studio. Birds to me are symbols of freedom and renewal. For me, the piece speaks to catharsis. You be the judge. My process is all about building. Like building a house–it’s foundation and then brick-by-brick. Each clip is about a minute and shows the process from beginning to end. Find me on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks for watching!

Get Your McCarroll Hoodie and Give to a Great Cause



The folks at Jars Juice suggested we print a shirt to celebrate the Umbrella paintings being unveiled at the March 2nd show. So, we’ve printed this limited-edition, organic, cotton hoodie with the iconic image indicative of Seattle style and spirit. Shirts are great quality, with a super fine fit. A portion of every sale goes to Sara’s Sanctuary, a non-profit rescue facility where abused and unwanted animals are given a second chance at a happy, protected life. They do such great work, I’m proud to offer my support to this worthy organization. The shirts go for $45 and they’ll go fast so come by the show and grab yours on March 2nd!

Get Art Happy With a First Thursday Happy Hour at Jars Juice – March 2nd – 3:00PM – 6:00PM



Hey, boys and girls! I’m happy to say I’ll be showing some new stuff at Jars Juice on Thursday, March 2nd for the First Thursday artwalk. Come sip some body boosting juice concoctions or have a glass of wine from Welcome Road Winery. There’ll be bites from Worobel Artisanal Foods, as well. Mark your calendars and I hope to see you there!

Save the Date! McCarroll at Art Attack November 12th in Georgetown, WA



6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
6007 12th Ave S. (2nd floor), Seattle, 98108
The Georgetown Art Attack, held on the second Saturday each month, features a diverse range of artists displaying works throughout the South Seattle Georgetown neighborhood.

Artist Deb McCarroll will feature new, limited-edition salmon prints, and Northwest-themed paintings and prints at the Hammie Salon located on the 2nd floor in the historic Hamilton building.

Light appetizers to be provided by Worobel Foods. Award-winning wine provided by Welcome Road Winery.

You are invited to stop by and experience the arts in this vibrant Seattle neighborhood.


Please pass this invitation on to friends. The more the merrier!
The salmon is an intrinsic, revered part of Northwest culture. The transformations and struggles the fish face are remarkable. I am inspired by the sublime structure and mechanics of this ancient, beautiful fish. Before cameras, the Japanese made prints of the fish they caught to keep a record of the catch. I’ve adapted these methods to print on board and canvas to show movement and depth. Using water-based paint, a limited number of prints are made from the sustainably caught fish. The salmon is subsequently washed, filleted and eaten.
See more at and artsyo.

What do I have to do to put you in this painting today!



In a recent survey commissioned by online art dealer UGallery, 70 percent of people have never bought artwork — ever. And 20 percent found it to be the most intimidating shopping experience of all — more so than shopping for real estate or an expensive car.

The online art clearing house Artsy has a great article with 7 tips for buying original art. Regardless where you get your art, supporting original art is a great way to invest in the creative community while enriching your living space.

One Tasty Show!!



Stephanie Kirby and The Deb hangin’ at the Kirby/Cooksey house.

Still basking in the glow of the pop-up show, I sit here feeling like I’m one lucky camper. I sold half my stock and I got to meet so many lovely folks as they drifted through Stephanie Kirby’s fabulous home.

The scrumptious food was provided by Jake and Louann over at Worobel Artisinal and they took great care to keep everyone fed and happy. And speaking of happy, the tasty reds and whites were provided by Welcome Road Winery–a local vintner right in our own neighborhood here in West Seattle. It was just a lovely day to mingle, talk art and sip wine.


Jake and Louann from the awesome Worobel Artisanal. Thanks for taking such good care of everyone, kids!


Thanks to Welcome Road Winery for providing their award-winning vino!!

This week I had a few calls from folks mulling purchases and following up. Rebecca Hale came and picked up a bird and even sent a pic, saying, “It doesn’t look quite as lonely in that space. I love it.” I’m so glad the little bird found a good home, Rebecca. It’ll be spring year round now!

If you’ve got photos of a painting in your space, I’d love to see it. Send along and I’ll post to Facebook!


Photo of It Was a Cold Spring in its new home at Rebecca Hale’s house.

Pop-Up Art Show – July 16th


bird 14 x 14 x 1.5 - Acrylic and gold leaf on 1.5" wood panel

bird 14 x 14 x 1.5 – Acrylic and gold leaf on 1.5″ wood panel

4:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
4220 Whitman Ave N
Seattle, WA

Please join me for a pop-up art show at the home of Stephanie Kirby and Nick Cooksey on July 16th to view my new series ‘Beauty in Decay’. Sumptuous, light appetizers to be provided by Worobel Foods. Wine provided by award-winning vintners Welcome Road Winery. A good time is promised so stop by for some nibbles and libations and to chat about the new work.

I strive to bring the same kind of earthy complexity the great potters and ceramicists achieve in their work. The chemistry producing natural imperfections in a fiery kiln is something I’m trying to replicate in a cold, one dimensional process. I apply acids, scratch and sand and generally do all I can to give the work depth and emotion. These surfaces convey a natural aging, a beautiful decay, if you will, taking on the essence of stone, water…history. Behind it all is a love for materials, natural processes and arrangement. Making a painting is an exciting thing to do. I hope that comes across in the work.
– Deb McCarroll

A Dee-licious Show at Jars Juice



Now through August you’ve got the chance to cool off with a tasty juice or smoothie while feasting your eyes on some work by yours truly. Jars Juice on Stewart at the foot of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood s a sprawling, airy place with comfy chairs and a laid back vibe. Come on in and find yourself something straight up fresh and delicious for your eyes and your taste buds! Show runs June thru August, 2016.

A Journey With a Wolf


In 1990 I was working in watercolor and creating my own hand embossing in the paper. Back in the day my subject matter was animals and nature and that year I’d painted a wolf on a clean white background with embossed wolf tracks titled, appropriately enough, Tracks.


‘Tracks’ – 1990 – Watercolor on hand embossed paper.

Through the miracle of Facebook I was able to reconnect with the patron who bought that painting and she posted a photo. The piece was so well received I thought I’d revisit the subject matter in my current work style and process.The new painting is titled Ghost.


‘Ghost’ – 30 x 30 x 1.5 – Acrylic and oxidized gold leaf on cradled wood panel.

Ghost detail - A pattern is produced by blocking color into the natural shapes created by scratching into the wet background. Aging the metal leaf adds an organic, earthy appearance, mimicking weathered canyon rock.

Ghost detail – A pattern is produced by blocking color into the natural shapes created by scratching into the wet background. Aging the metal leaf adds an organic, earthy appearance, mimicking weathered canyon rock.

Both paintings were a lot of fun to paint and I found it interesting to see how things have changed and how they’ve stayed the same. Thanks to patron Joyce Lindsay for the use of the Tracks photo.

Visit Artsyo to price the painting. Prints are also available so contact me for sizes and pricing and keep channeling your inner wolf.

Welcome Road Winery – great branding, great wine!


processI had the extreme privilege of producing the art for fledgling Welcome Road Winery‘s fine products. And when the time came for the winery to invite folks into their West Seattle wine room for some tastings, straight from the barrels, I was asked to create a mural for the tight space.

The image was taken from the same watercolor produced for the product bottles and it took just under 3 days to complete. Oh, and no, there was no sampling the product while on the job, though it was a real treat to finish a hard days work with an extremely tasty Welcome Road vintage.

The award-winning winery will be having their spring release party at their tasting room in Woodinville, WA on Saturday, March 26th. Hope to see you there!

The Long Hot Walk: North Street Book Prize finalist


The Long Hot Walk has been selected to be a finalist in the North Street Book Prize, presented by Winning Writers. Winning Writers is an online, one-stop-shop for all things writers and writing. The site was voted one of the best 101 sites for writers by Writer’s Digest. Getting the nod from such a peer institution is both humbling and thrilling. Winners will be announced February 15th.NorthStreet

Long Hot Walk selected as a Nancy Pearl Award finalist


LHW_cover-NPAThere I was at my desk toiling away on something or other when I received the call. “Deborah, I’m pleased to tell you that you are a finalist for the Nancy Pearl Award.” I wasn’t sure I’d heard her. Who was this, really? After some assurance, it was confirmed that the little book that could had actually placed in the top five of the Memoir category for the prestigious prize. I am beyond thrilled to be considered among so many talented writers. The awards dinner is on July 18th, smack dab in the middle of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association’s conference. Can’t wait to meet and greet the best and brightest in the field. You can find the book in digital or hard copy form on Amazon or buy from Etsy (hard copy only).

Paramount Hotel Commissions Six McCarrolls for Permanent Collection


It’s raining in the Paramount Hotel in downtown Seattle. Six paintings from the Rainy Ladies series were commissioned and now hang in the hallways on the 2nd and 4th floors. The hotel was searching for water-related original art and the umbrella paintings filled the bill. If you find yourself in need of accommodations, check out this fine local supporter of home-grown art.


Stoned in Love



I’m happy to have a painting of mine make the cover of Stone Voices art and literary magazine! The publication features a wide variety of artists and they did an amazing spread on my work. I wasn’t expecting to make the cover and I was stunned when I opened the package! I urge you to check out the site and see some of the great work from the publisher Shanti Arts.

Book Release: The Long Hot Walk


LHW_cover-webWhen I was eight-years-old my mother appeared at my classroom door and we began our walk. We walked for days across the wide open New Mexico desert, straddling a cracked and crumbling Route 66 with no water or food. The journey would lead to an eclectic cast of saints and sinners tucked into a Catholic boarding house for Navaho women in the fading jewel of Gallup, New Mexico. It would lead to steely mental institutions, literally, pants-on-fire, and a murdered rooster (strictly self-defense, I swear!).

This work has been a labor of love and at times a bumpy self-examination. I wrote it in an effort to share my story and to illuminate the countless families navigating the turbulent waters of mental illness and homelessness. Every time I have a reading or speak about this book, I am approached by another good soul with a sibling, child or parent suffering the paralyzing symptoms of schizophrenia. I was luckier than many. My mother was defiant and loving in the face of her illness and I wouldn’t be here were it not so.

The following is the first of excerpts to be posted in the coming days. You can find retailers for the book at or buy the book at

The Long Hot Walk

     After walking all day, we had dinner in a run-down diner and found a trailer park that had a makeshift launderette in a drab little cinder block room. It consisted of three washers and dryers and a couple of molded plastic chairs that were scuffed and ready for the landfill.
     I sat on the stairs out in the growing darkness, smelling detergent and residue from the dryers as it mingled with the frying of various trailer park dinners.
A chill crept up across the desert as stars winked on. It gets cold in the desert at night. You wouldn’t think so in the baking oven heat of the day.
     My feet were sore and I was so tired that I imagined myself to be an overcooked noodle as I slumped my ribs over my knees. I took a look at my shoes, black numbers, open on the top with buckles on the sides. Mary Jane’s. They were shoes made of dirt now. I couldn’t even see my socks through the top strappy part, just dust. I attempted to wipe some of it off and clean them with my thumb and a bit of spit, but it just seemed to rearrange the dirt, so I gave it up.
     No one came to do their laundry that night, which was good because we looked pretty suspicious, hanging around with no clothes to wash and no money with which to wash them.
     After awhile, sleep got the best of me and I curled up on the washing machines. I’d wake throughout the night, fluorescent lights painting everything with a green tinge, including Ma. She was always awake, sitting up straight in that hard chair, lips working, as if reading an invisible book or magazine. Now and then she’d laugh, her eyes glassy and unfocused. I’d turn over and go back to sleep.
     I woke up in the morning, stiff and cold. She was still in the chair. She looked up at me and said, “Well, good morning.”

Yearly art show bash in Seattle!



Hey guys and dolls. Save the date for our sweet, sweet Holiday Art Party at the super cool Piranha Shop gallery in the shadow of the mighty Seahawks Stadium. There’ll be food stuffs and music and wine by Welcome Road Winery. I’m doing my part by painting my heinie off and Brooke Belman will have brand-spankin, amazeballs photos for your viewing enjoyment. Invite all your pals and don’t you dare miss it!

Best painting prize in Still Point Gallery’s ‘Earth Water Fire Air: Our World in Abstract’ juried competition


24 x 24, Acrylic, pastel and gold leaf on canvas

24 x 24, Acrylic, pastel and gold leaf on canvas

I’m please to announce I’ve been awarded Best Painting in Still Point Gallery‘s Earth Water Fire Air: Our World in Abstract. There’s some great work in the show and I’m honored to be part of it.

Still Point Art Gallery is a production of Shanti Arts Publishing, promoters and champions of artists and writers around the globe.

What the heck is it?


abstract_art_pieceAbstract art uses color, shapes and lines to create art independent from visual references in the world. A type of art full of expression and passion. And yes, abstract means something that is not attempting to represent reality but with a basic idea of the history of abstract art, you can apply a method to every painting you see—so when you’re faced with a “what the heck am I looking at” piece, you’ll know where to begin. Artsicle has a great blog to help understand the language of the abstract.


Abstract Thinking


24 x 24, Acrylic, pastel, brass tacks and gold leaf on wood panel

24 x 24, Acrylic, pastel, brass tacks and gold leaf on wood panel

Linus Galleries out of LA, Pasadena and Long Beach California hosts regular online competitions to promote a range of artistic themes and disciplines. I’m please to announce a painting of mine in the ‘Red’ series is a finalist in the international Abstracts competition. Finalists go on to be judged for acceptance in a live show in one of the Linus Gallery locations so fingers crossed, I may be headed to the Golden State.

NW Cityscapes at Kirkland Performance Center



I’ve got 2 pieces in the Kirkland Performance Center’s NW Cityscapes show through July. Reception Friday, June 6 – 7:00 p.m. Can’t wait to see the Northwest inspiration.

Northwest Life – Land | City Scapes showcases the Pacific Northwest through landscapes and cityscapes. The works celebrate the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest landscapes and the contrasting vibrancy and verve of the architectural beauty of the Pacific Northwest city life with its melting pot of various cultures and ethnicities. Curated by Savita Krishnamoorthy and Deepti Shanka.


Fine Wine, Fine Art


On A Breeze 8" x 8" Acrylic on Wood Panel

8″ x 8″ Acrylic on Wood Panel

The Lodi Community Art Center at the Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Winery in Lodi California is hosting its 54th annual Spring Show and one of my pieces was accepted. The event is one of the largest open-juried art show in Northern California and promises to be a fabulous weekend of wine tasting, art exhibits and a grand costume gala. The art is hung in the winery’s storage facilities and guests wander amid the wine barrels, viewing the art and mingling with artists and friends. The benefit makes make possible the many programs which the art center brings to the community throughout the year. Preview Gala  April 11, 2014 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Open Juried Art Show runs April 11, 12 & 13.

Wild at Art


Ancient Migration 12 x 24

12″ x 24″ Acrylic, printed salmon, pastel, gold leaf and brass screws on wood panel.

Sweetwater Center for the Arts in Sewickley, Pennsylvania hosts a summer-long campaign to increase awareness of the Center’s offerings. Wild Things includes a reception on Friday, April 4, 6:00-9:00 p.m. and the show runs April 4 thru June 21, 2014. I’m proud to have a painting in this amazing show that shows off talent from around the globe. Sweetwater offers art classes, exhibitions, as well as outreach programs and community events. If you happen to be in PA this summer, look for a building engulfed by the giant sea creature created by British street artist Filthy Luker and take a walk on the Wild side.

Spring Obsession


IronstoneI’m pleased to say I was accepted to the Spring Obsession show at Ironstone Vineyards in Murphys, California in early March. The much anticipated annual, 2-day event featured Artist Reception and Wine Tasting GALA, live music, cooking demonstrations and of course, the spring art show which displayed work from artists nationwide. Ironstone’s grounds offer visitors a breathtaking array of blooming flowers creating an apt backdrop for the vibrant and eclectic artwork. The exhibition opens Saturday March 1, 2014 and runs through May 11, 2014.

Seeing Red


sampleI’m very excited about a new series in the studio based on the fiery color Red. The range and passion of the color inspires imagery and iconography alternating from the cheerful to the sinister. Viewer reactions to the new paintings vary from discomfort to absolute delight. This exciting color is associated with danger, love, power, heat, passion, joy, celebration and ceremony…the list goes on.

The new work focuses on the human relationship with the color. Slivers of thick yellow, blue and white slice into the rich crimson landscape. Treated gold leaf shimmers and then breaks down, decay evoking time and age. The work is passionate yet controlled and architectural. I’m crazy about that kind of juxtaposition. More of the Red series is on the drawing board and I’m excited about the new pieces. See all the new work in the Abstract gallery.

Art and Football – Super!


Seattle Art Museum and Denver Art Museum bet on their team to win

January 27, 2014Seattle Art Museum  (SAM) and Denver Art Museum (DAM) are betting temporary loans of major works of art based on the outcome of Super Bowl XLVIII between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos.

The Stakes:

samA majestic Native American mask reminiscent of a mighty “Seahawk” from SAM’s renowned Northwest Coast Native American art collection is wagered by Kimerly Rorschach, SAM’s Illsley Ball Nordstrom Director and CEO.

The Broncho Buster, a bronze icon of the West by Frederic Remington from the renowned western American art collection at the DAM is wagered by Christoph Heinrich, Frederick and Jan Mayer Director.

The winning city will receive a three-month loan of the prized artwork. All shipping and expenses will be paid by the city that loses the big game.

dam“I’m confident that we will be enjoying Remington’s The Broncho Buster at SAM. We are already making plans to host it here in Seattle so that the 12th Man can see it,” said Rorschach.

“We know the Broncos won’t be busted on Super Bowl Sunday,” Heinrich said. “I am looking forward to giving the losing team’s mascot a special place of honor in Bronco Nation.”

Reprinted courtesy Seattle Art Blog.

Word Power




I remember standing in front of the Jasper Johns painting, willing all that color and light into my puny brain. I’d never seen anything like it. I’d grown up in a small town and I’d never been to a museum but now I was in art school in the big city and I couldn’t believe a painting could have so much depth and life. I breathed the words on the canvas, sussing out what the artist was trying to say to me. I was knocked out and I wanted to paint like that.

Now I incorporate text in my paintings all the time. I like the idea of the work having a kind of sound to it. People say the words and sometimes look at me, puzzled. It gets them thinking about what it’s trying to say and they find personal meaning. Just like I did, staring at that Johns painting. All those years ago.


Shows for the Holidays, Old and New



Urban Chic

I just wrapped up an exhibition at the Urban Lights Studios Gallery in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. The Gallery there boasts a bustling artist’s community with permanent studios housed in the downstairs belly of the photo studios above. I met some innovative and inspiring artists there working in everything from urban street art to found object sculptures. We had a great turnout and a good time was had by all. The show wrapped up last week and I highly encourage all to get out and participate in their Art Walk which takes place the 2nd Friday of each month.


Modify Me, Please

Meanwhile, across town I’ve got pieces hanging in the Modify Hair Lounge, Jodi Loomis’ hip and stylish salon in the South Lake Union part of town. Jodi does a lot to support local art so big shout out to Modify and to Jodi! I’ll be on display there through December so go check out the work and get yourself a stylin’ holiday doo.

Woodland Park Zoo’s Jungle Party auction donation



I was pleased to donate a painting to this year’s Jungle Party fundraising auction at the Woodland Park Zoo here in Seattle. The 37th Annual Jungle Party at the Woodland Park Zoo’s themed Journey to the Savanna in the North Meadow of the grounds included a reception and silent auction, followed by dinner and live auction on Friday, July 12th. More activities included exclusive animal tours, up-close animal encounters, live entertainment, and more.

I donated the painting A Splendid Window and the painting did a splendid job indeed, selling above the listed value. It was super exciting to keep tabs on the piece via the silent auction smart phone app the zoo implemented and it was nice to be included in such great company. A lot of great art in this year’s auction.


The event will support the Woodland Park Zoo’s excellence in animal care, as well as local and global conservation and education programs.

Schack Art Center – Art of the Garden Opening


More than forty 2- and 3-dimensional regional artists are exhibiting in Everett’s Schack Art Center Art of the Garden. Last night’s opening was a lovely event with a good turnout and lots of lively conversation at the beautiful gallery in downtown Everett, WA. I’ve got four pieces in the show which runs through August 1st. Check out more on Facebookme-kd

2nd Place / Special Merit Award – Light, Space & Time Competition


Ancient Migration paintingI’m pleased to announce that I placed 2nd in the Light, Space & Time online gallery competition, as well as receiving a Special Merit award for a separate piece. The exhibition, entitled Seascapes received 629 entries from 22 different countries around the world. You’ll find some excellent work in the competition and I urge you to take a look.

You can see the entries that placed in the competition in the Fish Gotta Swim and the In The Abstract galleries.

New Poppies Just in Time for Spring


A new batch of paintings fresh from the studio. Here’s a look at how they’re done. You can find the final paintings in the Natural World gallery.